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Here’s another out-of-print treasure, Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman. Bergman has been acclaimed throughout the world as one of the most brilliant filmmakers of our time. This collection of screenplays for a quartet of his most distinguished films shows that he’s also a writer of distinction, for the words themselves emerge, in their own right, as a form of powerfully moving literature. The screenplays in this book are identical to those used by Ingmar Bergman when filming, except that the original scripts contain numbers before each sequence which indicate the estimated number of shots that will be necessary for that sequence; since these screenplays are prepared before shooting begins, they contain sequences and dialogue which do not appear in the final film; Bergman has deleted some material to make the published scripts conform to the manes.

People ask what are my intentions with my films—my aims. It is a difficult and dangerous question, and I usually give an evasive answer: I try to tell the truth about the human condition, the truth as I see it. This answer seems to satisfy everyone, but it is not quite correct. I prefer to describe what I would like my aim to be. —Ingmar Bergman discusses filmmaking

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this would probably be better than Jurassic Park

I see those post all the time, but am I the only person who thinks that there has to be a Jurassica Parker one whith Jessica Parker and horses?

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